Meet Tanner and Hailey!

Tanner Scholten Photography is here because, as husband and wife, we had a dream and a vision to work together and to create a business that would complement our individual strengths and enable us to enrich the lives of others through photography.

Tanner, the most crucial part of this two-man team, carries the camera and the comprehensive photography skills to make TSP possible. With 15 years of experience in photography, he has had the opportunity to shoot what feels like just about everything: events, sports, weddings, all types of portraits, nature, products. Whatever you need, he’s your guy.

Hailey loves helping with all the behind the scenes. Networking with people and creating structure for the business is her primary role. She has a true passion for serving others and complements Tanner’s expertise with her purposeful yet caring heart.

Together, we enjoy any time we get to spend snowboarding and seeking adventure. New experiences and opportunities are what motivate us. We love a good laugh and see humor as an essential part of our existence. We are passionate about life, and enjoy capturing the joy and beauty within it, both in nature and in humanity!

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with us about any questions or photographic needs. We'd love to meet you!

Tanner & Hailey


*Featured as one of the top photographers in Stillwater!*